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Our market sites

Nov 19, 2013 5:00 PM CET

Folksam's Index 2013

We are very surprised to note that Folksam equate telecom company environmental hazards with risks for human rights, in their newly released ethical index.

After everything that has happened on the international arena with NSA, Prism, Snowden, monitoring and surveillance the human rights questions should be a top priority for each telecom company. In addition, we wonder what type of significant environmental risks it was referred to for telcos? We are not a manufacturer, nor do we usually have the responsibility that comes with being the producer and we are a very low carbon dioxide emissions emitter.

Regarding the human rights scoring we do not recognise ourselves in the numbers given. Human rights is something that is integrated into our entire business, from Board level, and we are now trying to get in contact with Folksam to get a view of the underlying documentation so any potential misunderstanding could be straightened out.

Welcome to read more about our work on human rights, and sustainability, here: http://www.tele2.com/privacy-and-freedom-of-expression.html and http://www.tele2.com/social.html