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Our market sites

Sep 2, 2014 3:49 PM CET

Greetings from Estonia (theme: SORM and transparency)

In Tele2 we have CR Country Manager’s for all countries. Here the Estonian CR Manager Hans Saarvelt, together with the Estonian Head of Legal Kristjan Endrikson, has shared a description of the national surveillance system.

There are legal intercept obligations in all EU member states, including in Estonia. The system operates in Estonia in the following way. Certain authorised Police agencies have access to the intercept system which they can use without the involvement of Tele2 Estonia. Tele2 Estonia keeps logs of each and every time the system is used. These logs are provided to the State Prosecutors office once a year. They in turn match each such activity to the specific court order (permission). The results are scrutinised in the Parliamentary survaillance establishments supervisory commission. Therefore Estonian State Prosecutors office has all the statistics about the intercept activities and all the required checks and balances are in place.

All system related info is confidential and cannot be published. Tele2 Estonia does not know the exact cases nor does it need to know.

Hans and Kristjan