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Our market sites

Our market sites

Sep 19, 2013 4:16 PM CET

Something to consider when it comes to CR & Articles of Association

The formalisation of CR is still maturing and under development and given the lack of one clear definition CR could often be difficult to grasp.

What does CR and Sustainable Development mean? How does CR correlate with CSR? Are we doing enough? How can we measure and manage our impact? Our stakeholders' views do not correlate - how can we manage that?
A listed company's work starts with the Articles of Association where it is often stated that the company's mission is to provide profit for its shareholders. Having that baseline all CR work and efforts shall naturally be focused on creating value for shareholders over time. Exactly how that is executed depends on the company itself, the Board, the Leadership team, the AGM and what is considered value for shareholders. From our perspective, there is a common confusion and mix-up - in the market - between various terminologies and standards. To be transparent with our approach and way of working we have posted our definitions and view here: http://www.tele2.com/definitions.html.