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Our market sites

Our market sites

Jan 21, 2014 1:08 PM CET

Still wondering why we left the Industry Dialogue (ID) and are not member of the GNI?

Leaving the ID was a very conscious decision and not something which was done over night. We joined in February 2012 and left in mid fall 2012 to join larger organisation GeSI instead. At the time of leaving we agreed to keep a low profile, with us doing exit, because the ID was still in negotiations for a permanent home.

The reasons for switching ID for GeSI were mainly the following:

  • The ID principles do not mainly cover SORM which is our largest risk for potential violations of privacy and freedom of expression
  • There are SORM systems present in about half of our countries: the Baltics, Croatia and Kazakhstan
  • SORM basically excludes the operator from being part of the interception process, which makes it impossible for us to push pack or even evaluate requests (which is the basis of the ID principles)
  • With that reasoning we instead wanted to direct the spotlight towards the General Prosecutor supervising the Authorities' usage of SORM ensuring it is done lawfully
  • For requests which we receive we are forced by law to review and ensure there is a court decision, or warrant, at each time, for approving and providing access. This is not negotiable and external voluntary principles can not change that and consequently do not mean an extra commitment where sound laws are in place
  • For the above reasons the ID principles would be of less usage for us and we therefore decided to spend our time and effort on transparency, working with a wider scope in GeSI and reaching out to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs pushing them to intensify their dialogues between states, according to the Ruggie Framework