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Our market sites

Jan 22, 2015 1:42 PM CET

Tele2 invited ESG investors to a roundtable regarding our recently published White Paper

 The 19th of January Tele2 invited ESG investors to another roundtable in the same format as previous sessions. The theme for the meeting was the recently published White Paper on Tele2’s operations in Kazakhstan. Tele2 has very constructive and engaged investors and stakeholders, something that is highly appreciated by us as it helps us grow. 

This time about twelve investors joined us in the Green house building at Skeppsbron. From Tele2; Marie Baumgarts, Head of CR, Niklas Sonkin, EVP Central Europe and Eurasia and Lars Torstensson, EVP Strategy and Communications were available to present and answer questions.

Tele2 arrange round tables continuously. It is one piece in our commitment to be as transparent as possible, which is a significant part of doing ethical business. 

Niklas Sonkin, EVP Central Europe and Eurasia, emphasized the importance to constantly aim to stay on top regarding the company’s operations: “This is not a one-time investigation. We continuously evaluate and analyse our operations in all of our countries and will continue to do so.”


Marie Baumgarts, Head of CR explained how we engaged Tele2 Kazakhstan in our corporate culture. "When we started our operations in Kazakhstan we made in depth interviews with over 400 employees. We also had a SWOT-team from Tele2 there for sex months”

We continuously update our webpage with the latest news about our CR-work. If you would like to read the White Paper in its entirety, you are welcome to do that here.