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Our market sites

Our market sites

Jan 8, 2015 2:56 PM CET

Updates from a CR-perspective

Upholding Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech have become even more important than ever, especially after the recent terror attack on Charlie Hedbo in France affecting all of us

Last year’s Annual CR Network meeting took place in Zagreb just before Christmas where all country CR Managers gathered

Ongoing work is annual reporting, of course, and proactive risk management on a general basis

Several dialogues with ESG investors have taken place which is business as usual for us honoring transparency

We hosted a roundtable, in December, presenting our new Tax policy for relevant and interested investors

During 2014 we have improved the CoC signing process requiring employees to read and sign the Code of Conduct once a year, compared to previously at the start of employment. The accompanied CoC e-learning will also be available once a year, electronically, before signing off

We have noticed an increased interest in CR matters from B2B customers: in procurements, dialogues, checklists, Request for information. This is something we warmly welcome! And, personally, I think it is about time.