Internet of Things

Internet of Things in 45 seconds...

IoT stands for the Internet of Things, A.K.A. machine-to-machine communication, and Tele2 provides the connectivity to make it work. One of Europe’s leading producers of electricity is a case in point:

Vattenfall has a system for recharging electric vehicles which it sells across Europe. Its charging poles allow people to recharge at work or when travelling. This demands reliable connectivity to securely monitor both electricity data and customer payment data. Not only does the Tele2 IoT solution provide this at a favourable price, it does it in a way that can be expanded globally.

This means Vattenfall can carry on supporting the growing infrastructure for electric vehicles – and you can recharge your car with green energy and peace of mind. Electric vehicles get recharged, and nobody gets overcharged. Cool huh?

Now open - the Tele2 Portal to the Internet of Things

The gateway to countless IoT solutions has now been opened to speed up progress in this exciting field. Our new portal brings together some of the most powerful tools from a range of partners so that companies can realise and manage their own IoT solutions. The first partners to integrate their services within the portal are Telit, Microsoft and ThingWorx.

Tele2 IoT Director, Rami Avidan, explains what makes it one of a kind:

“With this portal, we have created an M2M or IoT application store, where you can choose to include individual tools that can take your business further using the right solutions.”

So for organisations trying to make the transition into the digital age, this new cooperation makes it easy to explore and take advantage of the possibilities within machine-to-machine communication. And for IoT partners, it offers an interface with the market powered by Tele2’s best-in-class cloud-based platforms.


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