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What We Mean by IoT - Internet of Things

Internet of Things is about connections: things, people, and processes that are connected to the Internet and to each other, and that form common systems. Systems that generate data, which we then, with help of different IoT enabling services, manage, analyze, and act upon, in a safe and controlled manner. This gives us the chance to become smarter in our own lives and in business.

In other words it helps us to create a smarter world.

Tele2 IoT: This Is Who We Are

Connectivity is at the Heart of Everything We Do - But It's Not Everything We Do

Flexibility is the foundation of Tele2 IoT, so no matter whether you're working across five cities or five continents, no matter which technology you are using, no matter what your level of maturity – we've got the solution that will perfectly suit your needs. And with our added-value services you can easily manage security and accessibility to your' devices.



Try IoT out! Get a Tele2 IoT Trial Kit for Free!

Your free Trial Kit includes 5 SIM cards, with access to best-in-class European connectivity, as well as access to Cisco Jasper Control Center. Tele2 IoT was the first in Europe to start using Cisco Jasper, which means our dedicated and certified team has developed the most efficient and creative ways of getting the most out of the platform, such as advanced service and usage analytics, as well as critical security features.

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Why Tele2 IoT

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should consider us as your IoT partner.

We Provide Connectivity and IoT Enabling Services

Connectivity is at the heart of everything that we do - but it's not everything we do. In addition to connectivity Tele2 IoT offers IoT enabling services that are designed specifically to help you manage and control your IoT deployment in a smart, efficient, cost effective, and secure way.

Our Crawl-Walk-Run Approach to IoT

Working with Tele2 IoT enables you to find the solution that will grow as you your needs grow. We provide you with the scalable business models and flexible systems that are needed to support your entire IoT journey, no matter what your level of maturity. And if you want to test run IoT we have trail kits and a proof-of-concept offering that will help you get started.

Horizontal Approach: Giving You Access to a Strong and Reliable Ecosystem

Tele2 IoT is the only IoT provider with a horizontal approach to the market. That means that we focus on what we do best – connectivity and IoT enabling services - and team up with carefully selected partners in order to provide you with everything your business needs – from hardware and software to system integration – no matter what vertical you operate in or where in the world you are located. 

Technology Agnostic

Tele2 IoT solutions don't just work on our networks, they also work across other networks. This makes it possible for customers to have a single IT environment, and to have APNs from other providers managed as part of Tele2 IoT products. Our solutions also support all kinds of different technologies, such as Public WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, packet data, SMS, etc.



Tele2 IoT thinks globally, and is also agile enough to act locally.

Trust from Industry Leaders

We are humbled by our ever-increasing customer base, who rely on us each and every day. Today we have 600+ customers, among them industry leaders from areas such as industry, fleet management, utilities and energy, and healthcare. Customer stories can be found here.

Tele2 IoT has been recognized by Gartner for managed M2M services worldwide

High Focus on Customer Operations through a Dedicated IoT Support Team

• Tele2 IoT offers has a highly motivated support team who always walks an extra mile for our customers.
• The team develops on a regular basis, through highly efficient follow-up-processes, as well as regular training sessions
• We are always easy to reach via phone and email, and quick to respond
• Very high CSAT of 83%
• Dedicated 24/7 INOC
• Self-service and diagnostic tools for our customers (2Discover and Cisco Jasper)
• Entire sales team Cisco Jasper certified
• Customer-focused Service Managers who are dedicated to following up on and driving customers' requests, and to prioritize accordingly

More about Tele2 IoT and our offering can be found at

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