Tele2 Hackday

What if we said you could hack into your future? That’s right – now take your part at the Tele2 Hack Day!

Imagine, for 8 hours, the guys and girls at Tele2 team up, cross-fertilise, brains-storm, collaborate and create. There are no limits to the number of challenges we want to tackle or the size and scale of the solutions we come up with. In this way we shape and improve both our reality and our destiny.

Challengers unite – at the Tele2 Hack Day

You may ask yourself, who – at Tele2 – is best qualified to come up with the ideas needed to drive us so boldly into the future. And the answer, of course, is everybody. That’s everybody who works at Tele2, and even some who are planning to. Because our Hack Day is all about bringing people together, from every corner of the company. It’s about cooking-up the collective know-how and creative juices …and coming up with new and better ways to do things at Tele2.

Check out this short summary of our latest Hackday in Riga, Latvia. 

It’s a buzz

Set at different venues in real life and even online, Hack Day combines method and madness in a buzzing atmosphere of co-creation. It was started by employees in 2014, and just keeps growing – now involving hundreds of people and seven countries. From the company’s perspective, Tele2 Hack Day empowers its people to drive the business forward. From an employee’s perspective, it’s stimulating, eye-opening and rewarding. Oh, and the results often demand celebration.

‘‘By hacking into the problems and challenges of today and tomorrow, we’re able to come up with the best solutions and ideas.’’ 

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