Our footprint

Where we operate

Tele2’s footprint includes both emerging and mature markets with
its most sizeable operations in Sweden, the Baltics and Kazakhstan.

Sweden and the Baltics are categorized as established markets with
strong cash generation and a strategic focus on data monetization;
they make up what we call our Baltic Sea Challengers. Kazakhstan and
Croatia are categorized as Tele2’s Investment Markets. In Kazakhstan
Tele2 is, after completing the integration of Tele2 Kazakhstan and Altel,
focused on creating a sustainable and strong challenger to the market
leader. The markets where we play are diverse in terms of culture,
economics and competitive pressure but they share the universal trend
towards increased connectivity and mobility.

In addition, Tele2 has a significant business in the Netherlands,
reported as a discontinued operation following an agreement
announced on December 15, 2017, to combine Tele2 Netherlands
with T-Mobile Netherlands, owned by Deutsche Telekom. Tele2 will
become a minority owner of 25 percent in the merged entity following
a successful closing of the transaction.

Tele2’s purpose is to fearlessly liberate people to live a more connected
life. We give people the power to connect whatever they want,
wherever they want, and whenever they want. We believe the connected
life is a better life. The more people, places and things are
connected, the more value is created.

Tele2 has a history of challenging the monopolies, and going
forward we will continue to break down barriers to enable increased
connectivity. We will do so by continuously challenging unfair pricing
and complexity, but also by taking a leading position in encouraging
and empowering the connected life for our customers. People need a
champion to unlock the benefits of the connected life they want. Tele2
is that champion.

Tele2’s position and strategic priorities vary across its footprint
and while there are important local differences, Tele2’s “How we win
choices” support the overall objective for the Group and go beyond
the local context, and thus apply to all countries where Tele2 operates.

Read more about our footprint in the Annual Report.