Tele2 Croatia

Tele2 came to the Croatian market when user were paying a minute of phone call as much as they were paying one kilo of bread. In this duopoly market structure, we decided to make the communication accessible to everyone. Today, our users do not have to worry about spending gigabytes and minutes because we're the only one telecom operator on the market that offers unlimited freedom of communication.

No, it was not easy at all! We accepted the challenge, introduced the simplest tariff and knocked out the market call price by 60%. And we did not stop at that...We lowered the prices of text messages and data transfer, raised the "revolution" on the market and provided users with both 'ovce i novce'. And today we are fearlessly holding almost a fifth of the telecom market!

Users love us, competition not so much, because we always strive to create unique offers that meet the expectation and needs of the users. We launched unlimited freedom of communication and made it possible for our users to leave the WiFi zone. They can now become fearless surfers thanks to the only real unlimited internet on the cell phones.


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Always ready to help

One of the core values of Tele2 is to work openly and responsibly. Therefore, socially responsible business is part of our business culture. Each year, arround our birthday which we celebrate on October 17th, we volunteer in various activities so last year, for the fourth year in a row, we volunteered at the Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Lug. Together, we repaired and painted the classrooms, hallways and rooms of the Centar, arranged the surrounding playground, repaired the fences, and planted new grass and flowers in the garden. In addition to that, with the need to help those who need it most, we support the Reach for Change Foundation and create a better world for children.

The projects we support are specific because they are led by people focused on achieving change for children through innovative ideas, people who are brave and determined enough to take on social responsibility for the problems that children face. We support these people and their ideas financially, but also through counseling, cooperation and development services. We also contribute to the development of a business culture of sustainability, as well as the development of awareness of the importance of social responsibility among our employees, customers and partners.


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