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Meet Aleksandra

Aleksandra Müller, IT Talent

What does it mean being IT talent?

Being an IT Talent means that you get to learn a lot about the different parts of the organization and get the chance to take part in several trainings for your development. Each talent have a mentor who makes sure you have the right tools to work and will be there to help you at any time. It also means that you will get an ultimate possibility to learn from the best and most experienced developers who are always willing to help.

What made Tele2 stand out from other employers?

At Tele2 we really lives up to our company values. Every individual and their opinions are important, the culture is open, and they value the balance between the private and work life. Additionally, Tele2 gives a lot of opportunities to develop and grow both professionally and individually.

Which is your favorite company value?

My favorite company value is flexibility. As the world is constantly changing so must we. I think staying flexible at all times gives us a chance to always be up to date and follow the newest trends in order to serve customers with the best products.

What are the highlights of your day?

I enjoy the most the times when we work in smaller groups and are mob-programming. This means that we all work on the same task and take turns writing the code. In this way we get a chance to work closely with senior developers and learn from their experience. On Thursdays, the pancakes served in our office restaurant are definitely a highlight.

What is your best career advice for students who are about to start their careers?

Keep learning new things and stay curious! 

What did you do before you entered the IT talent program?

I had different positions within sales, recruitment and customer service. However, around a year ago I joined Technigo’s frontend development bootcamp and made a career switch.

Tell us a great challenge that you have been faced with at work?

The biggest challenge for me so far was learning all the programmes and systems. Learning about what they do, how they are used and how they are connected. 

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time with my family and friends. Even in my spare time I love to code, sometimes alone and sometimes with my colleagues that I met during my Technigo bootcamp.

How much time to get to spend with the other IT talents?

One day each a week is devoted to taking part in courses together with other IT Talents. Sometimes we grab lunch together and share our experiences with each other.

Each talent has a mentor who makes sure you have the right tools to work and will be there to help you at any time. 

- Aleksandra Müller