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Meet Amanda

Amanda Crabo, Executive CCO Trainee, Stockholm, Sweden


What does it mean being a CCO trainee? 
It means that you are the trainee to Tele2’s EVP Chief Commercial Officer, hence working closely with the entire commercial organization. Commercial is involved in a wide range of activities spanning from marketing, sales and customer service to TV content acquisition to advanced analytics. As a trainee you develop broad knowledge about the organization that you are a part of, both on a strategic and operational level. Furthermore, you have the luxury of deep diving into any topics that interests you. In my personal opinion, Commercial is the place to be! 


Describe a typical day at work? 
Since I currently work mostly from home, I typically make a cup of coffee and turn on the computer at around 8.30am. A large part of my day is spent in meetings, now almost exclusively on Teams. About half of these are related to the projects and work streams I’m a part of, and the other half is my executive’s meetings that I get to participate in. In between meetings I spend my fair share of time in PowerPoint preparing meeting material or presentations.  


What are the highlights of your day? 
When I sit in a meeting and realize “Wow! I’m actually a part of this”. 


What surprised you the most when you started at Tele2? 
The flexibility I have in managing my own time and much of my work – as long as I deliver – which is a result of the trust you get from your executive and the entire organization from day 1.  


How was the recruitment process? 
I personally think that the Tele2 recruitment process stood out as just very well executed. It was clear that the trainees have an important role in the organization, both through the amount of people you got to meet throughout the process and through the way people spoke about the trainee program and the previous trainees.  


Why do you recommend applying for the program? 
Things are rarely truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. This one, though, is. Take it! 


How do you spend your free time?  
I spend most of my free time with friends and family, but I also need to schedule some alone time every week to keep my energy up. Moreover, I enjoy yoga, travelling, self-leadership, interior design, buying new smart home devices and everything that has to do with glitter. I’m currently learning how to cook (better late than never!).

When I sit in a meeting and realize “wow, I'm actually a part of this”. 

- Amanda Crabo, Executive CCO Trainee