Meet Kristofer

Kristofer Arbeus, Motion Designer

A multi artist, works as a motion designer at Tele2's inhouse agency.

Kristoffer moved to Stockholm from Germany in 2015 to get to know his relatives better. He also wanted to try living in another country. Today he works as a motion designer at Tele2's inhouse agency, which produces all Tele2's advertising and marketing material.

What does a motion designer do?

A motion designer gives form to material that moves like digital screens, which you can see everywhere nowadays. I also work with materials that don't move, such as still imagery or photos. I create new material by using different computer-based programs.

How did you choose what to do after graduating?

I got a position as an intern at an advertising agency that was focused on marketing for mobile phones, even before there were smart phones. It was a lot of fun working with designing backgrounds, ringtones and gif-animations for older phones, so I wanted to explore that more.

When you moved to Sweden you decided to work with marketing instead of advertising. Why is that?

I don't want to generalize, but in Germany there isn't much work-life balance. You work a lot and don't have much free time. This was one thing that I wanted to change. I also wanted more time for my own projects and marketing gave me that opportunity away from the pressure of an agency.

What do you like the most about working at Tele2?

My colleagues and the atmosphere. We challenge and respect each other and most importantly – we have fun. I feel that this is because of the company's internal culture. It's easy to connect with your colleagues and there's a lot going on. Tele2 also gets a lot of attention thanks to all the marketing that we do. That's very important for me as a designer.

What personal projects would you like to spend more time on?

Right now, I'm working on many different things, but I would like to have more time for a diary that I keep where I draw instead of writing. I usually draw and post it on my blog Halberschwede. I also play in a band called These Modern Times, which I would like to do more of.

We challenge and respect each other and most importantly - we have fun.

- Kristofer Arbeus, Motion Designer