Meet Marika

Marika Skytte af Sätra, Head of Operational Excellence

What do you do at Tele2?
I just got a new position as Head of Operational Excellence. We are a supporting department responsible for our agile transformation, quality, CICD, monitoring and cloud and processes.

Looking for fearless people who want to enable others to shine

I try to challenge us in meeting customer expectations by delivering high quality and stability while at the same time delivering new functions and features at a high pace. My focus is thinking ahead and proactively minimizing the risks in production.

As a leader I want to create opportunities for my teams to use their full potential. My superpower is to find talent and build strong teams were the people can grow and choose to stay because they want to.

How did you end up in this position?
I have a diverse background from banking and insurance. Mostly from sales and business development. The last eight years I have had the privilege to build and lead teams within retail and digital transformation.

I joined Tele2 because I liked the values and felt that they are more than empty words - they are an integral part of the culture. I am new to Tele2 and have experienced this first-hand. People are very open and have welcomed and helped me right from the start. I feel the cooperative spirit and that we’re focusing on the same goals. We are a flexible organization and are always trying to solve problems in better and more efficient ways. The Tele2 value I personally like the most is “Fearless” - which I think best summarizes us and our culture.

After joining 5 months ago I have had the chance to challenge myself with new areas in taking this new position.

What challenges are you facing right now?
We are facing the same challenges as many other companies, driving a transformation and changing way of working. We are working to build strong self- organized teams with mandate and less bureaucracy and hierarchies. We want to enable a culture that encourage innovation and learning and allows for failure, that is how we will be able to accelerate.

We are great in delivering customer value at a fast pace, but it’s very challenging balancing quality and speed in deliveries. To overcome this, it’s vital that we work to speed up automation as well as the continuous integration and continuous delivery processes.

My biggest challenge is finding the right people. In recruitment it’s important that both parties feel that it is a good match. I consider both skills and attitude when looking for a perfect fit with our values. We have done a big ramp up with consultants recently and I’m now looking to increase the ratio of employees within my unit to build a foundation to invest in. I believe strongly in the old quote: “hire for attitude, train for skill”.

What are your expectations on new employees joining your unit?
I cherish curiosity and a willingness to learn in people I work with. As well as the ability to take ownership. I am looking for specialists who take responsibility and tells us what we need to do, not the other way around. You should have the drive and ambition to deliver at a high pace as well as develop your expertise. Everyone in the team needs to play their individual part, but I’d also like to emphasize the team-first mentality that we have.

What can one expect as an employee working in your unit?
There are great development opportunities at Tele2. We’re a fast-learning organization and we’re quick to implement new ideas and new technology. We’re serious about what we do, and we get things done. I believe in short and fast decision paths, and a collaborative way of working. If you deliver and show heart in what you do you can expect to be rewarded and promoted accordingly. In my unit we build teams with diverse skillsets and abilities, learning- and utilizing each other’s strengths to maximize output. There’s never a boring moment. We appreciate strong individuals that have a team-first mentality.

You will work with great people, high achievers who are passionate about their work. We believe in nurturing peoples’ passion and drives by giving them new challenges, pushing them into growing professionally and taking on bigger responsibilities.

Looking for fearless people who want to enable others to shine

- Marika Skytte af Sätra, Head of Operational Excellence