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Meet Therese

Therese Göransson

How did you learn about the Tele2 IT Talent Program?

I got an ad on my feed when I was scrolling through Linked in, which was about Tele2:s IT Talent Program with a picture of four young laughing developers. I then read an interview with Jonna, a previous talent. It looked like a perfect opportunity to develop yourself together with an awesome company. So, I applied! 


What made you decide to apply for the Program?

The mix of training and belonging to a team. It seemed to be a very good way to start your career in the IT industry. And a great opportunity to work with senior developers and learn from the best.


What made Tele2 stand out from other employers?

The development potential! Tele2 is a huge company that has roles in every conceivable part of the IT world. But also, the flexible structure. Some of the other employers with similar programs, give you a role and that’s it. Here you get the opportunity to get to know the organization. You will be part of a team, but if you should feel that you want to do something else; the opportunities will be available to you.


What did you do before you entered the Program?

I studied a bachelor program in Digital Service Innovation at Luleå University Of Technology. I started at Tele2:s IT Graduate Program shortly after my graduation.


What surprised you the most when you started?

Tele2 is an open and innovative workplace that encourages you to think differently and challenge yourself. In addition to courses, we also get to meet people from various parts of the organization, who explain the big picture and about their role in the organization. All the people we meet are very open and eager to discuss and explain what work with. It's a big advantage for the future to expand our contact network within the organization from the very beginning.


Best experience at Tele2 so far:

What I really appreciate with this program is the opportunity to work with senior developers and learn through their help and support. My team works a lot with mob programming and  it's definitely one of the most fun things about working with this group. Through this way of working you realize that you actually know more than you think you do. We don’t get stuck in our own code; different eyes gives different perspectives.


Describe a typical day at work?

The day starts at my team's home zone where we usually begin the day with a stand-up meeting. This way we ensure that we are working with the right priorities. If there are tasks that are suitable for mob programming, three to four people will get together on the task. This means that we work together on a task and take turns of writing the code while the others guide the writer through the process. After lunch I usually join the other talents for courses, these usually last for three hours and after that we often have some time to sit together and continue working with the topic from the course. This way we can help each other understand and develop further in the subject.


What are your hobbies or passions outside of work?

I’m a creative person with a big passion for technology as well as working with art and design.


Why do you recommend applying for the program?

I had no internship during my education so I did not really know what working life would look like after graduation. Your team will know that you come directly from school and will help you get to business. You will successively be a bigger part to your team until the program is over and you become a full-fledged member of your team. It’s a great way to kickstart your carrier!

All the people we've met have been very open and eager to discuss and explain the parts they work with.

- Therese Göransson