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Meet Villemin

Villemin Voge, Store Manager


What do you do at Tele2? How long have you been working at Tele2?
Currently, I’m as a store manager at Nordstan Galleria in Gothenburg and I have been at Tele2 since September 2018. This role was recommended to me by a friend who works as a store salesman at Tele2 and that was what made me apply.

How was it to start as a new employee? Did you get an introduction?
It was the warmest welcome you could imagine! I was greeted in three different stores and got tips and ideas that I could bring with me to shape my team in my store in the best possible way.

What does your role as store manager entail?
For me, it's about making sure I have a prosperous team where everyone strives for the same goal. My team represents Tele2 and is the first point of contact for the customer. Therefore, it’s important that we can offer a little extra for each customer.

Why do you enjoy working at Tele2 so much?
It's a very good atmosphere between all the stores, and also between the store and the headquarters. You always get help when you need it and there seems to be no stupid questions. This really is a company that I feel I want to grow within!

How is it to work in your store?
It's such a lovely atmosphere in our store, we enjoy it so much every day and we learn from each other. Here, nobody believes that "alone is strong".

What is your favorite value? How does it affect your work?
Flexible! In our industry you need to be flexible as changes can come at short notice. Then you have to be on your toes and see every change as something positive and exciting.

You always get help when you need it and I feel that there are no stupid questions. This is really a company that I feel I want to grow within!

- Villemin Voge