What we do for children and why

We like kids. We don't like to see them abused.

In our minds, everyone deserves a safe childhood. 

Mostly, our buddies at Interpol provide us with a blocking list that we can act upon. But we don’t stop there. We even check and take action in our own organisation, as anybody who works at Tele2 will confirm. Don’t get us wrong, we love our people. But we believe young people should be able to enjoy a safe online experience. And for that matter, so should you.

As every youngster knows, greater power comes with great responsibility

As we grew up with stories of Pippi Longstocking (the strongest girl in the world) you could say this is in our DNA. Or perhaps it’s just because Tele2 is a company with a young mindset. Either way, we want to use any power we gain to make life better for young people.

That’s why, together with our sister companies, we started the Reach for Change organisation. It’s a support program for entrepreneurs who are able to solve some of the biggest issues faced by children.

In just a few years we’ve reached out to kids in seven countries. Over seventy-thousand youngsters now have better access to education and nearly half a million children are living healthier lives. So if you’ve got any bright ideas on how to help, check out what we’re doing at Reach for Change.

Understanding Children's lives online

Of course, Tele2 isn’t silly enough to think that this is going to be enough responsibility for one of the fastest growing European telecoms. Therefore we conduct an annual survey since 2017, where we ask children in Sweden and the Baltics about their online habits, what they experience on the internet and the risks the connected life entails. With the survey as background, we are continually looking into how we can spread knowledge and create services that minimise the risks for children within our footprint.

Children and the Internet 2017: Click here for the full report in English.
Children and the Internet 2018: Click here for a summary in Swedish.

Contact joel.ibson@tele2.com for the full results in Swedish. A full report in English will be published and available here in July 2018.

Challenge us

Also, as the humble bunch of people we are, we want to know what you think we should be doing to make the world a better place for young people. We challenge you!

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