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Meet Frida

Frida Lagerqvist, Problem Manager, IT B2C Operational Excellence 

What do you do at Tele2?
I started my Tele2 journey within Tele2 and Customer Operations three years ago. At first I came in as a project consultant with a contract of only a few months, but ended staying for 1,5 years. When the project ended I applied for the role as a Quality Assurance Manager within the Online IT department. I did not have that much experience or background within IT but I got a good recommendation from a colleague and the rest is history as we say.

During my time at Tele2 I have had the opportunity to play out three different roles – so one year in as a QA I received the opportunity to become Technical Product Owner, mixed together with a Problem Manager role. I started with two product teams, but today I work full time as a Problem Manager. I’m Accountable for maintaining an overall awareness of problem management and known problem environments. Enhances troublesome solutions and ensures high quality throughout the whole IT Domain to prevent incidents to occur.

I have never been so challenged or given that much responsibility during such a short period of time. I have always had people believing in me and that’s an amazing feeling, in other words there are no limits for your own development.

There are no limits for your own development.

How did you end up in the IT unit?
I took the opportunity to leap in to something else, a new business. I was intimidated by the tech part at first but everything is about having a fearless mindset and interest, after that everything fell in one place piece by piece. I fell in love with the speed and rapid turns, and realized that I was meant to be here.

I think it is my curiosity and questioning mindset who took me to where I am today, it has not been easy but I have taken the space I needed to grow.

What is exciting with IT at Tele2?
I think it’s exciting that we never feel that we have done enough- we can always do more or better. We want to be better and always aim for the next step. Tele2 is an organization who gives lots of responsibilities to the employees who dares to take it on. I feel like it doesn’t matter what experience you have – it is all about mindset and ambitions. If you show the managers that you want to take on a project or learn something new, they will believe in you. Honestly, never in my wildest dreams I would have thought to end up where I am today. I have found myself and a huge interest, I understand more about what I want and what I want to do further on in life.

We operate in a business that is under a constant change. And if you follow the rapid changes and aim to always be the first with the new trends – it’s almost impossible to avoid personal growth.

Describe the typical Tele2 employee, who works here?
We have a young vibe and in every team we have lots of fun. What’s common in every person Is the ambition and energy. It is very important for me as an employee to always be challenged and believed in, I feel that Tele2 still gives me this and that’s why I’m still here. Tele2 works a lot with diversity and have come a long way including different nationalities. Gender can be divided better within some of the tech teams, since we aren’t equally divided between gender yet. Although I don’t have any problems with it – I always feel respected and as I see it, it’s even as an advantage being one of the girls working here.

How would you describe your managers?
We have really great managers, everyone is always supportive and they listen to your ideas. I feel like they believe in me and they let me be the specialist that I am in my area. They let me present my ideas for the executive stakeholders and they always give me constructive feedback. In my team we have a majority of women in manager positions which is fun. Marika, who is one of my closest manager, is great at involving every employee and can really produce a culture where you feel safe and trusted.

What challenges are you facing right now?
A year ago we did a ramp up and started working Agile, this is something we’re still trying to adapt to. We are also welcoming our colleagues from Com Hem, trying to find a joint way of working forward.

What makes Tele2 stand out from other employers?
I like Telecom and if you look at the competitive companies they are either too large or too small – Tele2 is just perfect and you can grow and take on new roles in your tempo. Tele2 is small enough for each and every one of us to get noticed but large enough to give you the right opportunities to get challenges to never get bored or stop learning. Tele2 is great at noticing every individual and we are great at showing appreciation to the employer that does something great. You will not be invisible.

What is the best part working at Tele2?
You get challenged everyday – this leads to me growing both in my role and as a human being. The Tele2 culture might sound tougher than it is. What makes Tele2 and the unit I work in exceptional and fun is that we depend on our teams. We are a team and strive to lift and challenge each other. To really enjoy the culture and company you should like to be fearless and challenge yourself, dare to make mistakes and feel free to ask why. If you are fearless you will have a fantastic journey here within the organization. 

I would recommend people who like flexibility, who have the will and the ambition to grow to work here! We have so much fun and you can be whoever you want to be – it’s only you who will limit your own development!

How is it to work in Kista?
I really like the work environment – the Tele2 house is large and really modern. I get lots of energy working on site, you forget If you have a bad morning or if you feel tired. You get tons of energy from all the people around you that is amazing. Kista as a location is not that bad, it’s famous for all the Tech companies located here and I enjoy the vibe. The Tele2 house and the people you work with really make it worth the travel.

There are no limits for your own development.
Frida Lagerqvist Problem Manager, IT B2C Operational Excellence