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Jul 4, 2014 12:00 AM CET

Phonera signs switchboard solution agreements with Möller Bil AB and Sectra

Phonera, a subsidiary of Com Hem, has signed agreements with Möller Bil Sverige AB and Sectra AB, both of which will soon start using Phonera's flexible, large-scale solutions for more secure communication.

Möller Bil Sverige AB, with its main operations in the Mälardalen region of central Sweden, has ordered a large switchboard solution worth SEK 1.7 million with 450 extensions, of which 130 are mobile, through Phonera’s retail partner Attendit. Möller Bil will be using a switchboard platform from Mitel in combination with Phonera’s traffic and subscription services.

Sectra AB, with its Swedish headquarters in Linköping, has ordered a switchboard solution worth SEK 3 million for its Swedish organisation consisting of 300 extensions, of which 250 are mobile, via Phonera’s retail partner Teleekonomi i Sverige AB. Sectra will be using a switchboard platform from Solus and Phonera subscriptions in both the fixed and mobile networks.

“Phonera is increasingly succeeding in closing these types of major deals, showing that buyers in the market have matured in terms of purchasing competence and that our offers and services are extremely competitive. The fact that we’re now part of Com Hem also means that we can offer a wider range of products and services,” says Martin Rimsberg, Partner Sales Manager at Phonera.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Bondebjer, Product and Marketing Manager, Phonera

Mobile: +46 (0)700-80 90 20

Email: lars.bondebjer@phonera.se


Fredrik Hallstan, Head of PR, Com Hem

Mobile: +46 (0)761-15 38 30

Email: press@comhem.com

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