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Our market sites

Apr 9, 2015 1:24 PM CET

In March Tele2 had ESG-investors from Nordea joining us for a site visit in Zagreb, Croatia

During 2014, Nordea top rated us for our Corporate Responsibility work by giving us an A+. Tele2 is a part of the bank’s Swedish Stars fund, which only includes companies that perform on a high level within Corporate Responsibility. Last year Nordea wanted to get a better insight in our business and therefore joined us on a site visit in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This time the Croatian organization was selected. 

One of Tele2’s lead words within CR is transparency. We want to be transparent in the meeting with customers as well as with our investors. Therefore, we were very pleased to show Nordea our operation  in Croatia. During the visit Nordea got to learn more about for example how we handle risks, surveillance, how we control anti-corruption, the labor condition for people working at our base stations etc. The two intense days started with our CEO in Croatia, Malin Holmberg, presenting the organization followed by various discussions and a meeting with Transparency International.

Katarina Hammar, senior ESG-Analyst at Nordea Asset Management comments: “Visiting companies in different markets to see how they manage ESG risks and opportunities is a part of Nordea acting as a responsible and active owner. The local management in Croatia is well aware of key ESG issues and policies and control systems seem to be implemented. During the stay, key issues such as anti-corruption/anti-fraud, permits/licenses, data security and supply chain management was discussed. Supply chain management will remain a follow-up topic including how sustainability audits and deeper assessments of 3rd parties will be handled“

We appreciate that we have such engaged investors and we always have an open invitation to all of our ESG investors to any of our countries.