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Mar 23, 2017 11:47 AM CET

Share the Brief

We are proud and excited about our friends over at Reach for change latest endeavour – Share the Brief.

The initiative encourages creative and courage’s entrepreneurs to solve a number of challenges that children face in the turbulent world of today. The first one is hugely important:

How do we make the world better for children?

Do you have a solution to this brief or perhaps know of a friend or colleague? Please apply and share this brief using this link (in Swedish). 

"There is a tremendous power and creativity among Swedish entrepreneurs. At the same time, we have a desperate need for new solutions to important social issues. Not least, how we could get better at taking care of unaccompanied minor who have come here"

Says Jon Goland, Communications at Reach for Change.

The people who come up with the strongest solutions will be supported by some of the business world’s sharpest minds in order to make their ideas come alive.

Good luck.