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Feb 20, 2018 10:26 AM CET

Sho - Helping newly arrived immigrants to break the language barrier

Together with Reach for Change and our friends over at Nokia, we invite new and established Swedes to meet with the help of technology. In a new campaign, Arab-speaking and Swedish-speaking youths are invited to talk to each other via the real-time translation service Sho.

On the site, reachforchange.org/sho/ established and new Swedes can sign up to test the translation service Sho. Through the service, they can speak to each other in their own language, which is translated in real time on the phone. The service has been developed by Nokia, Tele2 and Reach for Change, and is based on the Microsoft Translator technology.

– By inviting people to test the service, we hope to understand how we can use the technology to really make a difference in society. This is a new type of collaboration for us, where we develop solutions for breaking exclusion together with our partners, says Viktor Wallström, EVP Group Communications.

On the campaign site, you can follow 18-year-old Tala, who arrived in Sweden from Syria, in a few short films where she tests Sho together with the Swedish Cornelia.

- For people with difficulty learning languages, I think this service can make it easier to start a new life in Sweden. In the beginning, I only met people from my area, but once you get that first contact, it becomes much easier to get to know more Swedes, says Tala.

Sho is a follow-up to the Share the Brief campaign, where Reach for Change invited entrepreneurs and innovators to address a number of important briefs from children and young people. Through Sho, we have together with Nokia taken one of the briefs from the campaign – ”How can we help unaccompanied children and young people to get Swedish friends?”. Make sure to wathe the film below!