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Aug 23, 2017 2:36 PM CET

The Tele2 Bike Tour - Final results

It's not how you start the race but how you finish. 

It was a team of sore butts and determined competitors that reached the finish line in Vilnius today after having biked 352 kilometers, all the way from Riga. Throughout the race, the Leadership Team endured hardships such as; flat tires, dog attacks, a few lighter injuries, the occasional headwind and a drone crash.

Apart from a great team building exercise, the Tele2 Bike race gathered 300 000 SEK for the SOS children's villages in Latvia and Lithuania. The winner of the race was a happy but tired Samuel Skott, CEO of Tele2 Sweden.

“I am proud that I won the race and I am proud of the team. However, I am most proud of that we managed to gather 300 000 SEK to SOS Children Villages through this race. It has been a great journey.”

Our Group CEO, Allison Kirkby comments:“It has been an amazing 2,5 days together with my team on the road. The fearless challenger spirit is a part of who we are but even if we all are competitive, I think that we have been brilliant at supporting and pushing each other throughout the race. I am also humbled by seeing first hand the SOS Children Villages work in Latvia and Lithuania and I am proud to be contributing to such a great organization.”

Final results and standings:




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