Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct

Business Partner CoC Requirement

We at Tele2 are proud of our Code of Conduct (CoC) and the document has a very strong position in our company. In recent years’ employee surveys around as high as 80-90% of our employees state that they think Tele2 is honestly committed to CR. Naturally as part of our Corporate Responsibility (CR) work we expect our Business Partners (suppliers, consultants and other categories) to adopt equally, or higher, requirements. Those requirements have been clearly formulated in our Business Partner CoC, which will be sent out to our potential Business Partners early in the procurement process.

CoC Compliance and Follow up for Business Partners

To do business with us, we expect you, as a Business Partner, to sign, implement and comply with the code. Tele2, or the external party that Tele2 appoints, will occasionally perform CoC audits on compliance with the elements included in the code. Such audits will not cover any other processes than those covered by the code meaning that confidential business information, processes and material will be left out. Tele2 would like to draw your attention to the fact that part of each audit will focus on how you, as Business Partner, ensure compliance with your suppliers. We therefore strongly recommend you to spread the requirements, separate or all together as a code, relevant to the CoC areas and follow up on progress and compliance for your supply chain and other relevant parties.

Our view on general requirements, for parties developing their own code as referred to above, we suggest and encourage Business Partners to look into the following, if/when designing own codes:

The first on the list above, the UNGC, consists of a overall CR short list with 10 principles in the fields of Environment, Labour Rights, Human Rights and Anti-corruption. Applying the UNGC is likely to cover most companies basic needs, in relation to CR, and is an excellent starting point to help qualifying for a Business Partner at Tele2.


We are fully aware of that this is considered a difficult area, much depending on the spread and number of suppliers as well as their geographical position. Nonetheless we expect you to make all reasonable efforts and take reasonable actions to ensure compliance with our code and for being a trustworthy Business Partner to us and in society at large. For any questions regarding the Business Partner CoC please do not hesitate to contact Ilse van der Haar, Group Director of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Responsibility:

Signing Letter Code of Conduct

Please find the Signing Letter Code of Conduct below.

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_ Swe

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_ Eng

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_DE

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_ET

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_HR

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_LT

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_LV

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_NL

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_NO

Signing Letter Code of Conduct_RU


Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct

Please find the Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct below.

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_Swe

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_Eng

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_DE

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_ET

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_HR

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_LT

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_LV

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_NL

Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct_RU