UNGC anti-corruption e-learning

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) has developed an e-learning tool uses six interactive learning modules.

The tool is providing a common understanding of the UNGC’s 10th principle against corruption and the UN Convention against Corruption as it applies to the private sector. The tool is targeted at everyone who acts on behalf of a company. Each module only lasts about five minutes, providing a quick and effective way of learning. We encourage our Business Partners to review the modules and join UNGC in its fight against corruption.

Interactive learning modules


The Unwelcome Gift

Receiving gifts and hospitality

In this module you will meet Eve, a market analyst who is attending a one day event organized by a consultancy company. The morning and early afternoon will be devoted to a seminar but in the evening there is a sports event sponsored by the host. Can she attend? What types of gifts can she accept? Learn it all through this five-minute module.

The Arrangement

Gifts and hospitality towards others

Carl is arranging a technical seminar for external participants, including some public officials from abroad. He would also like to organize a nice social gathering and has thought of a deep-sea fishing trip at the end of the seminar. What do you think of this form of hospitality? Should your company pay for travel and accommodation for the invitees? These and other questions are being answered in this module.

To Pay or not to Pay

Facilitation payments & corruption

Peter from the purchasing unit is on a business trip. He is asked to pay money to the customs officer without being offered a receipt. What is this type of payment called? Is it legal? And... What could you say if you face a situation like this? Be Peter’s helping hand through the customs and learn at the same time.

The Mystery Middleman

The use of intermediaries and lobbyists

In this module you will meet Dianne. Her department has been working on an upcoming tendering round in a new country. They have come a long way and have for some time been using a local intermediary. But something doesn’t seem right...

The Strange Letter

Corruption and social investments

In this module you will meet Christina. Her company is bidding for a new exploitation licence when it receives a request from government officials to support a student programme. How should Christina respond to this request? Should her company support the programme? These and more questions are being answered.

The Insider

Insider information

The daughter of a company's employee wants to buy shares in the group. However, her father has inside information which could influence the price of the company's shares. This is just one of the dilemmas you will handle in this module.
More in-depth information is available via http://thefightagainstcorruption.org/