Measuring the efficiency of our Corporate Responsibility work is of utmost importance.  Reporting results for our material topics provides a transparent image of not only our compliance with our CoC but also how well we succeed in managing risks and exploiting our opportunities.

Our aim with our reporting is to keep it simple and focus on material aspects yet responding to our key stakeholders' information needs. You can read more about our performance in the Annual Report and CR Summary Report. We follow the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) Reporting Guidelines.

From GRI's G4 on materiality and focus: "By placing an even greater emphasis on the concept of materiality, G4 will encourage reporting organizations to provide only disclosures and indicators that are material to their business, on the basis of a dialogue with their stakeholders. This will allow reporting organizations and report users alike to concentrate on the economic, environmental, and social impacts that really matter, resulting in reports that are more strategic, more focused and more credible, as well as easier for stakeholders to navigate."

CR Report 2016

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CR Report 2015

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