Tele2 recognises the presence of industry, country/region and business risks of CR character linked to its operations. The most common risks, which are risks related to the UN Global Compact areas (environment, labour rights, human rights and corruption), are present in all our countries of operation; so are also the concerns linked to Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF).

Environmental risks are considered low due to the comparatively low environmental impact of our operations. Risks of infringements of labour rights are primarily expected to appear in the supply chain rather than in Tele2’s own operations.

Based on international comparisons from Transparency International among others, corruption risks are higher in  Kazakhstan compared to Europe. The World Press Freedom Index from Reporters Without Boarders gives poor ranking for Kazakhstan, indicating higher risks of human rights violations in terms of privacy and freedom of expression than in other countries where Tele2 operates.

Electro Magnetic Fields are not scientifically proven to have a negative impact on human health as long as they are below the recommended levels. However there is a potential risk of unforeseen future new guidelines, as with all areas subject to scientific research. In addition to already established processes and control mechanisms to manage CR risks, Tele2 is continuously re-assessing and updating the internal control framework to reflect current and potential future risks. Read more about our work in the Board’s report on Internal Control over Financial Reporting.

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