Meet Ilse van der Haar

The confessions of a Corporate Responsibility Director

In this section Ilse entertains some of the different ways of looking at the issues that sooner or later get hurled into the bucket of Corporate Responsibility. She helps us to grasp the fearless challenger concept. On top if this she gives us all some insight into the mind and conscience of a CR director.


Honestly why bother with CR?

Because CR adds value to both society and your organization. At Tele2 we are convinced that taking responsibility is not just what you are supposed to do, it is a business opportunity as well.

Where does you passion for CR-questions come from?

It comes from the fact CR has become the intersection of business, compliance, and law. I love working in complex interdisciplinary environments, and CR-related questions rarely have simple answers. This provides me with great challenges!

What's the one thing hardly anybody knows about you?

I love weather forecasts. Ask me what the weather is going to be like this week, and I will not only be able to give you the answer for Stockholm (where I live), but also for Amsterdam (where my family lives), my favorite skiing destinations, my favorite summer destinations…

Which of your apps can't you live without?

Obviously, based on my previous answer, that is the weather app from Oh, and Swish!

In your opinion, what makes a responsible challenger?

A responsible challenger thinks before he acts. That does not mean that you are not agile, but it does mean that you always consider the potential impact of your actions, both on your company and on society, both in the short and in the long run, before you take business decisions.

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