Our focus areas

Honouring transparency: a prerequisite for our long-term success

Growing provides scale, and doing so in a responsible way will enable us to achieve sustainable, profitable development. Basic values such as those conveyed by international human rights standards and sustainability declarations are fundamental for doing business regardless of where we operate. Some countries and regions are naturally more challenging than others depending on their individual situation, rule of law and political climate.

Everywhere we operate, Tele2 is committed to safeguarding its reputation and stock market evaluation by ensuring compliance with its Code of Conduct and by honouring transparency within its sphere of influence. At Tele2, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is not managed separately, as a satellite function. Instead, Tele2 integrates CR into its business operations and processes because it is profitable and enables us to deliver the best results to our shareholders over time. Well-governed CR reduces risk, creates trust and strengthens Tele2’s business proposal, making it a prerequisite for our long-term success.

Allison Kirkby
President and CEO