Ethics and Compliance

Doing the right thing.

Doing the right thing in every part of the company is a serious challenge - which demands a serious approach.

The Tele2 Code of Conduct is the starting point for how we solve many issues - and you can read it here it if you have 13 minutes to invest. 

It's all about choices, and throuhgout the organisation we make countless choices each day. So how does CRAG (our CR Advisory Group) ensure as many good decisions as possible?

Supported by legal compliance, the Tele2 Code of Conduct is the compass of every Tele2 employee. To keep it top of mind, everyone signs it once a year. We have a similar apporach for partners and suppliers - The Tele2 Business Partner Code of Conduct. And for absolutely everyone, we have a whistle blowing system. 

Of course, all our tools and annual training have to be followed up. This we do throug a range of activities described in the Corporate Governance Report and the corporate website. 

Code of Conduct

Corporate Governance Report