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Editorial guides

Interim reports - manual work on release

When interim reports are released, there are some manual updates that needs to be done after the publication in Cision, the following applies to both language versions.

News and Media

On the News and media page, update the Single News Hero widget to point to the latest press release.

CEO Letter

On the Investors page there is a quote widget leading to the CEO Letter. The new CEO Letter first needs to be created. They are today created and stored in the year container under financial calendar (this can of course be changed if you want).

When the new CEO letter has been added and published, go back to the Investors page and update the Quote widget, with the new quote. Update the button text and link it to the new letter and publish the page.

Additional assets to report

When presentation and all is done, the report pressrelease should be updated with the following assets: Presentation, Excel, Webcast and Transcript. This is done on the report page that is located in the Reports and presentations folder. Upload files in this folder structure: Files/New-Structure-2021/Investors/Financial_Reports/[Folder with report name]


Start page is automatically updated. Be aware of whether or not a report is pinned. That affects which report to be shown on start.

Make sure we have webcast link prior to presentation.

Media bank

The Media bank is a widget (called Media Bank new) that can be used on any page. The widget fetches categories and assets from subpages.

The functionality support language versions, so all containers and assets can be translated.

You create subfolders with the container template, all subfolders represents the categories you want to display in the Media bank. Assets are placed within the container folders with the template Media bank asset.

In the following screenshot Spokespersons is a category and Kjell Johansen is an asset.

Media bank asset

The asset can be either an image, files or a combination.

Add a page name - this will only be displayed in the CMS.

Select what image to show in the media bank - If the image is bigger than 1000px width, it will automatically create a high res and a low res image to be downloaded. If the width is below 1000px it will only show a low res image.

The description is what is shown in the Media bank list and when you click an item. The descriptions is also searchable in the media bank.

If the asset is an image there is no need for a thumbnail since the asset itself will be the thumbnail. But set thumbnail if you would like another one or if the asset is a file.

Add photografer if applicable.

If the asset is a file, add one or more to the FIles section, set the label, that is what will show for the user. If no label is set, the filename will show.

Contact forms

Contact forms are added as a widget to any page. The styling of the form adapts with the background color of the section added to.

The settings of a contact form can only be done by an administrator. See the following screenshot for the properties that you can use and change:

As you can see in the screenshot a contact form widget has a defined send to e-mail address. This means that if you would like to have a form with other receipient, an administrator needs to set up a new form widget. Take contact with Comprend if that is necessary.

Contact form example

The following exampel contact form goes to

Contact us