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Our market sites


Maximize potential through an inclusive and diverse workplace

We have a strong, diverse and inclusive culture that fuels action and creativity. Equal opportunities come with equally high expectations. When hiring challengers, winner attitude matters, personal background does not.

Tele2 is an international company and across every part of our business we strive to create a diverse and inclusive culture. Differences are recognized and valued within Tele2 so that everyone can be at their best. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and providing each person with opportunities to develop their skills, we strive to deliver the best customer experience, provide excellent shareholder value and to have highly engaged employees. In essence, we:

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect, with zero tolerance for discrimination
  • Value everyone's contribution and provide the freedom and tools needed to make work both more efficient and ever enjoyable
  • Base our decisions affecting employment, performance, training, promotion and career development on individual abilities and genuine professional requirements

These requirements are stated our Diversity and Inclusion Policy, and the same values are included in the Tele2 Code of Conduct.

A gender-balanced workforce

Tele2 has a high ambition to build an inclusive environment where everyone can perform at their very best. We promise our employees an inclusive culture where everyone can bring their full self and unique perspectives to work. In addition to this we have a fair playing field where everyone will have the same chances to progress and develop. We take action to continue to make a real difference to the diversity agenda and as a significant step, we want to achieve a gender-balanced workforce.

Our long-term goal is:

  • By 2023, Tele2 will build an inclusive environment where diverse talent can perform at their best and at the same time a gender balanced workforce.

We expect that our employees contribute to our culture of inclusion and to the diversity agenda. We also expect our employees to reflect on their own words and actions and respect each other’s differences.

Our short-term goals are:

  • Rollout of internal re-wire inclusion training
  • Roll out of internal jargons training
  • Continue and improve the work with Tele2’s diversity council
  • Continued collaboration with NGO:s. Currently, Tele2 has partnerships with Reach for Change, Female Digital Engineer,  Tjejer Kodar,  Women in Tech, Womentor, Ruter Dam

Impact on UN Sustainable Development Goals

This focus area aims towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

5.1 – End discrimination against women and girls

5.5 – Ensure full participation in leadership and decision-making