Where we operate

Tele2's footprint includes both emerging and mature markets, where cultural, economic and competitive differences are significant. However, the trend towards mobility is universal, and is clearly evident in all our countries of operation.

While mobile communication services are fairly standardized across different countries, the level of maturity differs widely. Tele2 is present in 9 countries, of which three are considered larger markets: Sweden, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan.

Sweden is the home turf and test bed for new products and services. The Netherlands has its origin in fixed services but is now pursuing a mobile ambition. Kazakhstan is still virgin territory, where Tele2 is the main competitor delivering affordable communication services.

Tele2's position and priorities vary across its footprint. Local market characteristics differ in many ways, even within the same country. Our green field operations, e.g. Kazakhstan, are focused on increasing market share, brand awareness and price leadership. As a challenger in Latvia and Estonia, Tele2 pays particular attention to price, market share, expected quality, and network capabilities.

As a defender in Sweden and in Lithuania, Tele2 focuses on retention, price stability, upselling, and quality.

While there are important local differences, Tele2 has established a number of general priorities to address opportunities and challenges for 2014. These objectives go beyond the local context and are common to all the regions and countries where Tele2 operates.

  • Customers - Tele2 shall be the operator of choice. By providing the best value for money we shall be the operator of choice and grow our market share.

  • Employees - We shall be considered a great place to work. By being a great place to work we shall attract and retain the best people who can deliver on our vision.

  • Shareholders - We shall have the best Total Shareholder Return (TSR). By being the operator of choice and a great place to work, we shall deliver the best TSR within our peer group. These fundamental objectives will continue to guide the companyís regional activities moving forward.