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Our market sites

May 9, 2000 8:00 AM CET

Comviq reduce their prices on SMS

Comviq reduce their prices on SMS
From Friday, 12 May 2000, Comviq, will reduce the price on SMS for all their mobile subscribers. The new price will be 1,45 SEK (tax incl.) per message.
Comviq has the lowest prices on the market and with the price reduction on SMS we further strengthen our position as price-leaders also within the SMS services. This will benefit our customers, as they will get even more favourable subscriptions, say Fredrik Berglund, Sales and Marketing Director of Comviq.
SMS stands for Short Message Service and is a global standard for sending and receiving messages through the mobile phone. It is free of charge to receive a SMS while being in Sweden.
In addition to personal messaging services, Comviq offers a range of information services. For example, subscribers can access rates on the stock market, quotations, horoscopes, pizza suggestion of the day, help for making decisions and a variety of contests.
Subscribers can also access up to date results from Allsvenskan and Superettan simply by sending "allres" or "supres" to the number 333. A SMS is sent back within a few minutes with the current result from the ongoing game.
For gambling, Comviq offers expert advice in conjunction with Ralf Edström and Thomas Nordahl. They make a suggestion of three scores, which is updated every Thursday.
To search for this, just use the word:
"Ralf" for Ralf Edström's suggestions
"Thomas" for Thomas Nordahl's suggestions
and then send it to the number 333.
For further information:
NetCom's Media service, phone number: +46-8-5626 4626 (twenty-four hours)
Fredrik Berglund, Sales- and Marketing Director, phone number: +46-8-5626 4000
Malin Rydberg, Information Manager, phone number +46-8-5626 4025
NetCom AB is a leading telecommunications company in Scandinavia. The Company was formed in 1993. It is engaged in the GSM cellular business operating using the brand names of Comviq and Tele2Mobil in Sweden and through subsidiary Ritabell (Q GSM) in Estonia.
In the areas of public telecommunications, data communication services and Internet, NetCom operates Tele2 in Sweden, Tele2 A/S in Denmark and Tele2 Norge AS in Norway. NetCom also operates, NätTeknik and Datametrix, specializing in systems integration and Kabelvision, a Swedish cable TV services company. NetCom owns 17.8 percent of Société Européenne de Communication SA (SEC).
NetCom is listed both on the Stockholm Stock Exchange under the symbols NCOMA and NCOMB and on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the NECS.

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