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international wholesale

At Tele2 International Wholesale, we manage global connectivity for people and things.  We leverage our scale and the vast expertise of our Roaming Operations together with Tele2 network assets to ensure that we deliver connectivity, and a top quality roaming experience at competitive prices. 

Global connectivity made simple, fast and cost effective

It takes years to build a global roaming footprint,  it is not only time consuming but it also takes a lot of resources to manage all these partnerships on a daily basis and to continuously rollout new technologies globally. Trying to meet your global connectivity needs on your own, getting enough agreements in place, implementing core services [Voice/VoLTE, Data ( 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G, LTE-M) SMS, CAMEL, NRTDRE], testing and operating them will take a long time and be very costly.

Our customers are typically  MNO, MVNO or big players in industry verticals who need instant global roaming coverage. They focus on their customers, growing their business, and we do the rest. Why not leave it to us and get immediate access to a truly global footprint?

At Tele2, our roaming operations negotiate, trade and operate around 380 roaming agreement on a yearly basis. We launch 2,500 roaming services yearly. Our roaming footprint extends to more than 600 operators in over 200 countries.

We have a relentless focus to enhance our roaming assets continuously, as it is at the core of our B2C,  B2B and IoT business. At Tele2 International Wholesale we treat the customers of your customers like our own, you can be ensured to get access to new technologies and services at the same time as we launch them for our own customers.

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Sponsored roaming

Tele2 as an IMSI Sponsor, offers single and dual IMSI solutions supporting both consumer and IoT applications.

 The typical scenario is for MNO/MVNO to use their own IMSI in their home network, and the Tele2 IMSI when roaming in destinations where they have no roaming agreement in place. When the dual IMSI solution is used, the SIM automatically switches to the Tele 2 IMSI when needed. Thanks to APN correction, the data setup is fully transparent to your customers. Regardless of the mobile devices used, your customer is automatically connected, and you can continue offering your own services while roaming.   

Our IoT customers, typically industry verticals, aggregators, IoT MVNO/MNOs, deliver global connectivity for all manner of connected devices and use cases using Tele2 IMSI sponsoring.

Not all Sponsored IMSI solutions are created equal. Tele2 has a long history with Sponsored Roaming, We started this journey way back in 2000 using this solution to provide our affiliates around the world with a global roaming footprint from the first day of their launch so the end user experience and overall quality of the service have always been our focus.

We offer our wholesale customers an operator grade solution leveraging our own operator assets-telco grade platforms and busines processes – and amazing customer service, day in and day out.

Our Sponsored Roaming offering in a nutshell:

  • IMSI sponsoring (catering for both consumer and IoT roaming)  
  • Data clearing
  • Financial clearing
  • Fraud Management
  • On line monitoring tools

It usually take 12 to 16 weeks to setup the service.

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On-demand Roaming

The short term mobility market is notoriously competitive as cost conscious users have more and more options to purchase data plans from travel SIM providers and use Wi-Fi connectivity while away from their home network.

Are you an MNO/MVNOs or a thin MVNO looking for additional options to compete in the short term travel mobility segment, stop the revenue leakage and tap into additional revenues? Look no further.

With Tele2 on-demand Roaming our customers provision roaming services for their customers through APIs and are able to instantly leverage our partnerships with 600 networks in more than 200 countries and enhance their roaming offerings.

Our on-demand Roaming offering in a nutshell:

API available to our customers for    

  • Subscription management
  • data plan management, real time charging
  • eSIM delivery  

SIM management

  • Order and delivery of customized SIM profiles-usually takes about 4-6 weeks
  • eSIM

Set up 

  • API connectivity only is required for the service - no physical connection required
  • Usually takes 6-8 weeks

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