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With a vision to lead in sustainability

In April 2020, Tele2 became the first telco in the Nordics and the Baltics to be climate neutral in its own operations. Following that, we set a new sustainability strategy with four focus areas and an overarching ambition to lead in sustainability.

The fundamental idea for Tele2’s sustainability strategy is to focus our efforts on areas where the nature of our business and services allows us to maximize our impact. We firmly believe sustainability efforts should go hand in hand with the core operations of a business. That is how companies and organizations can maximize their contributions to a more sustainable society at large. 

To develop its new sustainability strategy, Tele2 conducted a comprehensive analysis of its past and future sustainability efforts, including gathering input from over 9,000 employees, consumers, B2B customers and investors. The analysis resulted in a number of sustainability areas where Tele2 can make a difference, with four areas that stood out as especially significant for both internal and external stakeholders, while also aligning with business strategy and relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Advance circular economy to combat climate change – Following becoming climate neutral in our own operations, Tele2 will now focus on improving its value chain’s use of resources, including vendors’ use of resources as well as customers’ reuse and recycle behavior. Advancing circular economy can also give Tele2 access to new business opportunities that are currently underserved in the marketplace.

Maximize potential through an inclusive and diverse workplace – Tele2 builds an inclusive environment where diverse talent can perform at their best. As already communicated, one of Tele2’s targets is a gender balanced workforce by 2023, but over time we will focus on diversity from other important perspectives as well.

Boost innovation for sustainability – Tele2 will use its technology and connectivity expertise to drive the development of products and services that increase efficiency and creates sustainability value. One example is IoT, where our technology can help both monitor and conserve resources while improving efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs.

Protect children in a connected society – Tele2 will continue its efforts to implement technical solutions and drive behavioral change in order to protect children online. A recent example is the launch of the parental guidance platform Lajka in Sweden, together with the Royal Prince and Princess Foundation.

Firmly integrated throughout Tele2

The new sustainability strategy is integrated into Tele2’s operations throughout the company, including both Sweden and the Baltics. It includes KPI:s and short-term activities within each focus area, as well as long-term targets which will guide Tele2 towards the ambition is to lead in sustainability. To further the sustainability agenda, responsibilities within Tele2 have been clearly defined and a percentage of all managers’ short-term incentive program will be directly dependent on sustainability targets.

– It is important for us that our sustainability efforts are focused on areas where we can maximize our impact. We firmly believe that our sustainability efforts should benefit us, our customers and the society at large. We can make a significant impact while also becoming more efficient and find new business opportunities, says Kjell Johnsen, President and CEO of Tele2.

Overarching goals

In order to fulfill our vision to lead in sustainability, we have set a number of overarching goals, as well as defined short-term activities and long-term goals KPI:s within each focus area above. Our overarching goals are:

  • Ensure sustainability is an integrated part of Tele2’s core business for our long-term success as a company.
  • Drive a strong sustainability agenda which meets the demands of our key stakeholders, including customers, investors, and employees.
  • Maximize our sustainability impact and the creation of shared value for all stakeholders.
  • Deliver sustainable products and services which retains current customers and wins new ones.
  • Increase resource efficiency to lower costs and energy consumption both in our own operations and our value chain.

Learn more about our focus areas:

For more detailed information, please visit the section for sustainability professionals