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Our market sites




Tele2 develops and provides cost-efficient, straightforward mobile communication services.


Mobile voice messaging & handset data

Mobile and fixed broadband

Business to business

Driven by smartphones

We offer mobile telephony and handset related data services in all our markets.

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Easy to use

We continuously develop our mobile broadband offering to better reflect customer usage and to safeguard the service’s profitability.

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We target business customer in most of our markets

One of Tele2’s goals is to be the ultimate communications partner to the small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and their ’one-stop-shop’.

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Mobile Voice, Messaging and Handset Data

What we offer

Tele2 offers mobile telephony and handset related data services in all its markets.
The services include:

  • Mobile voice telephony
  • Handset data services, i.e. access to the Internet using a mobile handset
  • Messaging services such as SMS and MMS
  • Value-added services such as handset insurance, antivirus and content services. 

Driven by smartphones

The development of this area is to a large extent impacted by the increasing penetration of smartphones among Tele2’s customers. Smartphone penetration within our footprint varies greatly from one market to another. In Sweden, for instance, it is already as high as 70 percent.

The Western European markets still have a much higher penetration of smartphones than the Eastern European markets. However, smartphone penetration is also increasing rapidly in those markets. Today, the variation is mainly attributable to the rather high price point of smartphones in relation to the purchasing power of customers in different markets. This is expected to change over time as smartphone prices progressively come down.
Simplicity and improved user experience of the smartphone is driving increased adoption and usage of new mobile services. Smartphones compose the lion's share of mobile data consumption of Tele2’s services.
We are quickly adapting to changed customer behaviours and needs, yet, a large share of our customers in some of our markets do not heavily use the Internet on the mobile phone. 

How we succeed

During recent years, Tele2 has developed the pricing of voice and data to establish a sustainable pricing model with a strong correspondence between customers’ actual usage of data and the price they pay for using Tele2’s services. Read more about our latest family deal at the Swedish market here

Tele2 has developed a bundling strategy to make it easier for its customers to buy mobile communication services. It consists of selling services such as voice, messaging and data together in most of the company’s markets. In addition to that, Tele2 always strives to offer the smartest solutions for our customers through our FMC-strategy. This allows the customer to own a total solution for all their mobile-, broadband-, tv- and on demand services.

Internet of things

Broadband, tv and fixed-line telephony services

New ventures

Putting business value first

With an advanced technical platform, a dedicated support function and a highly skilled team, we provides a simple, flexible and customer-oriented IoT offering.

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Finding the smartest solutions for our customers

Tele2 brands Com Hem and Boxer offers broadband, TV, digital TV and fixed telephony.

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Leveraging our key assets

 In addition to the services already provided, we continuously scout for opportunities to introduce new services that add value to our customers.

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Mobile Broadband

What we offer

Tele2 offers mobile broadband in all markets where mobile services are available. Mobile broadband provides high speed connectivity “on the run” for laptops, tablets and mobile broadband-enabled routers.
In Sweden, Tele2’s 4G network covers more than 99 percent of the population, supporting full 4G speed with very low latency. For the customer, this translates into a true broadband experience.
Tele2 continuously develops its mobile broadband offering to better reflect customer usage and to safeguard the service’s profitability. Being able to charge customers properly for increased data usage and volumes represents a challenge for operators. In order to maintain a good customer experience, Tele2 allows customers to buy more data at full speed instead of being throttled or blocked.  

How we succeed

Customer demand for broadband is continually growing, since mobile broadband is the easiest way to connect to the Internet.
The pricing of mobile broadband access remains a challenge for the industry. The ever increasing demand for bandwidth jeopardises profitability. To mitigate that risk, Tele2 avoids offering unlimited mobile broadband, if market conditions allow. Instead, we offer tiered pricing based on both volume and speed.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Services

What we offer

Tele2 targets business customers in most of its markets. The typical services offered are:

  • Mobile telephony and data
  • Fixed broadband
  • Fixed telephony
  • Specific B2B telecommunication services (such as secure and encrypted connections (VPN) and company-specific mobile network access points (APN), etc.)
  • Cloud services (such as voice switching, data centre services, business productivity solutions, etc.)


One of Tele2’s goals is to be the ultimate communications partner to the small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and their ’one-stop-shop’. The idea is that the SMEs should grow by being able to focus on their core business, while Tele2 takes care of their vital communications and IT needs.
In Sweden and The Netherlands, Tele2 offers full-scale mobile business services, including advanced switching services, to small and large companies.
In the other markets, Tele2 offers fixed or mobile business services depending on its infrastructure and customer needs.

How we succeed

Customer needs, thorough market research and our aim to provide the best value to our customers guide the composition of our B2B product portfolio. However, serving the business segment goes far beyond offering a selection of competitive products.
In order to provide best-in-class overall experience, we follow through with the delivery and support of the sophisticated business products we provide.
In each Tele2 country having core business offerings, we promote other innovative services, such as the next generation IP Centrex platforms, data centre services and Cloud solutions.


Tele2 Switch (Tele2 Växel)    
With an aging switching solution Tele2 Sweden faced an increasing pressure from B2B customers to provide better telephony switching services.
With the help of our customers, we carried out a comprehensive analysis to understand what functionality and use cases customers were looking for when procuring a mobile switching solution. As a result a new solution was launched in Sweden  to provide fixed-mobile number representation, free calls inside a company, short number presentation, and soft phone clients installed into PCs, tablets and laptops.
The solution has been very well received by customers and the in-depth analysis of customer needs and market requirements was an integral part of our success.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

What we offer

With an advanced technical platform, a dedicated support function and a highly skilled team, Tele2 provides a simple, flexible and customer-oriented IoT offering. Needless to say, the price is also highly competitive.
Initially, Tele2 IoT focuses on Europe, but the capability is already global from the start.
Tele2’s IoT offering includes five levels of connectivity:

  • Local connectivity: one preferred network defined per country
  • National connectivity: all or selected networks in a country
  • Regional connectivity: connectivity in one defined network per country, or in a group of countries (e.g.EU)
  • Regional connectivity:  connectivity in all partner networks in a group of countries (e.g. EU)
  • Global connectivity: connectivity in all partner networks globally


Through our IoT solution, business critical information can be delivered in real time. This allows our customers to easily automate events and alarms, be protected from malfunction or fraud, ensuring that they stay on top of their business.

In addition, Tele2 offers a number of value-added services such as:

  • Customer specific APN/VPN connections  (secure data connectivity solutions)
  • Customer branded SIM cards  (customer defined graphics on the SIM card)
  • Professional services to support customers with customization or integration to the Tele2 platform
  • Education and training to get started with the solution

How we succeed

Tele2's IoT solution is set up to reduce complexity for both large and small-scale  deployments. With a simple and flexible approach, Tele2 helps its customers to identify an IoT connectivity solution adapted to their specific needs.
Putting business value first, Tele2’s solution offers customers and partners the possibility to easily launch, customize, control and automate their business processes.
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Teletec  Connect and Tele2: a fail-safe combination  
Tele2 and Teletec Connect (one of Scandinavia’s leading distributors of professional electronic security products) have joined forces to produce a series of smart subscription plans and SIM cards that are unique on the security market.
“This is unique on the market – the customer gets a very cost-efficient solution. Customers are used to paying a monthly fee, a service fee and sometimes even a set-up fee. They often ask me:” What’s the catch? But with our solution, everything is included”, explains Tomas Norderstål, Business Development Manager at Teletec Connect.
Teletec Connect has also already identified new markets and is expanding its collaboration with Tele2.

Broadband, TV and fixed-line telephony services

What we offer

Tele2 brand Com Hem offers broadband, TV and fixed-line telephony related services to primarily subscribers in MDUs in Sweden. The Boxer segment focuses on digital TV, broadband and fixed-line telephony services subscribers mainly in SDUs.

The broadband services include:

  • Broadband 50 - for emails and surfing
  • Broadband 150 - for streaming
  • Broadband 300 - for multiple users at the same time
  • Broadband 600 - for heavy streaming and online games
  • Broadband 1200 - for maximum speed


The TV services include:

  • TV Bas
  • TV Silver Flex
  • TV Guld

The fixed-line telephony services include:

  • Telefoni Bas
  • Telefoni Plus
  • TelefoniMax


How we succeed

We continuously invest in network and product enhancements together with more-for-more benefits to create increased customer value.

Com Hem offers the fastest speed over WiFi in Sweden via Wi-Fi 6 solution, with improved spectrum efficiency, higher network capacity and increased coverage on the home networking.

Com Hem launched its Android TV-based TV Hub in 2018 for both Com Hem and Boxer customers. It combines linear TV with play services in HDR and 4K quality accommodate the increasing customer need to easily switch between traditional live TV and streaming services.

Since Tele2's merge with Com Hem AB, the offer for customers to experience a total solution is possible. Tele2 always strives to offer the smartest solutions for our customers through our FMC-strategy. This allows the customer to own one solution for all their mobile-, broadband-, TV- and on demand services.