The Board's work

The Board of Directors is appointed by the Annual General Meeting (or by an Extraordinary General Meeting) for terms extending until the next Annual General Meeting. 

The Board:

  • Oversees Tele2’s overall long-term strategies and goals,
  • Approves budgets, business plans, financial reports, investment and personnel proposals,
  • Makes decisions regarding acquisitions and disposal of business interests,
  • Monitors the CEO’s work and the Company’s performance, and
  • Evaluates the quality of the Company’s internal control functions, financial reports and communicates with the Company’s auditors directly and through regular reports from the Audit Committee and the Company’s CFO.

In order to carry out its work more effectively, the Board has at the constituent Board Meeting appointed members for a Remuneration Committee and an Audit Committee with special tasks. These committees are the Board’s preparatory bodies and do not reduce the Board’s overall and joint responsibility for the handling of the Company and the decisions made. All Board members have (save for in case of possible conflicts of interest) access to the same information, enabling them to be jointly and severally liable. Further, certain members of the Board have been selected to form preparatory working groups on topics of special interest such as Sustainability.