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Our market sites


Risk Management

At Tele2, we believe that every risk also presents an opportunity. We work proactively to identify and monitor the most important risks through an enterprise risk management program as described below.

The purpose of this program is to achieve the following objectives:

Fewer Surprises - To ensure that all key business risks are identified, evaluated, controlled and monitored,

Reduce Loss and Increase Reward - To assist the Board and management with their prioritisation and understanding of risks,

Effective decision making - To assist management at all levels with prioritising their activities and hereby create room for Tele2 to achieve its strategic objectives.

Tele2 bases its risk management program on the COSO framework ( and classifies risks as either Strategic, Operational, Financial or Compliance related. Responsibilities for identifying, monitoring and taking actions in response to those risks vary depending on the classification.

Tele2 Risk Classification Model