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Our market sites

Our market sites

Dec 14, 2010 12:41 PM CET

New Russian 2G License Tender Update

We have received a lot of questions and comments around the upcoming tender process for new 2G licenses in 15 regions in Russia.

Our take on the time table is the following:

- The 29th of October, GKRCh took the decision to allocate new 2G frequencies via a tender process
- 45 working days following the announcement (mid December 2010), the tender documentation shall be published
- Bid preparation starts and submission is due in January 2011 (in 10 – 30 work days)
- The final results are to be announced between February – March 2011

Feel free to comment if you have any further Qs on the topic or have new or different information that deviates from above.
/Lars T