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Our market sites

Apr 4, 2010 8:33 PM CET

Our strategy, unchanged

Since the recent change in top management and more specifically the position of CEO, we have spent a lot of time meeting with all of our stakeholders.

The topics discussed and debated have of course been in several different areas, but one common question or concern has been if the left CEO will lead to significant changes to the strategy of the company. The answer to the question is simple – our strategy is unchanged.

Let me give you the basic building blocks of our strategy, which is quite simple and straight forward.

Our objective is to have a healthy balance between growth regions and more mature markets, and to be established in Europe and Eurasia.

We will secure licenses through strong local connections within the business and political arenas in all our markets.

Our core markets will be characterized by:

  • An established Best Deal position
  • The capability to reach a Top 2 position
  • A mobile operation based on own infrastructure should have the ambition to reach at least 35 percent EBITDA margin
  • At least 20 percent ROCE

That is our strategy, which will take us to the next level together with you and our other stake holders.

Lars Torstensson