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Sep 2, 2010 11:17 AM CET

Russian fires

During the summer, Russia has been tormented by fires across many regions, including some in which Tele2 operates. We have put a lot of efforts in trying to minimize the impact of the wildfire on our Russian operations and staff.

Our employees in Russia have been trained for evacuation and have also received medical first aid training. Everyone who wanted to work from home has been enabled to do so. Furthermore, working  hours were reduced during the rage of the forest fires. All technical staff has been equipped with masks, fire extinguishers, protection clothing and medical boxes to make sure that they could perform their daily work safely.

Our efforts proved fruitful. There were no offices affected by the fires and only two members of the Tele2 staff were hospitalized due to smog poisoning. They have now recovered. The organization as a whole has not been impacted financially in any way. Lastly/more importantly, we have made sure during the crisis that mobile communication was open to everyone through free roaming between our network and our peers.