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Our market sites

Sep 15, 2011 12:16 PM CET

CMD2011 Summaries: Anders Olsson

Trends and Implications for Tele2

From our perspective, four major trends are impacting our strategy the next few years:

  1. There will be an exponential increase in demand for data.
  2. We will see an explosion of connected devices and separation of access and services.
  3. We will see increased demand for ICT, centrex and cloud solutions for SME.
  4. Less underlying growth.

Tele2 will make sure to serve customer demands on increased data to low costs and good quality. We will provide customers with a selective portfolio of smartphones and connected devices, with well thought through financing solutions and pricing.

We will offer the most valuable access products and selectively explore new business models. Core is to deliver affordable, easy to use core communication solutions. We will deliver proven new products, instead of over investing, in order to stay low cost.

We will increase focus on SMEs and notably grow mobile B2B market share from current 8%. Selected add-on services across our markets and explore a “one-stop-shop” concept are two ways forward.

Our commercial strategy is shifting from volume to value, from only being purely price driven to also having a proposition based on value.

Indirect channels are – and will stay – our key sales channels. We will also focus on a mix that gives us the highest customer lifetime value, of which the web and Tele2 branded stores are central. We have around 700 branded Tele2 stores right now, both own and run by 3rd party.

By decreasing the churn value (as a percentage of revenue) SEK 3 bn will be saves in 4 years, making churn rate reductions a key focus area.