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Sep 15, 2011 11:34 AM CET

CMD2011 Summaries: Introduction by Mats Granryd

The Best of Both Worlds

Since our last Capital Markets Day in 2009, we have established ourselves as the operator providing the Best Deal. We have grown our mobile footprint, covering more than 100 million people with controlled licenses.

When welcoming you to Tele2’s Capital Markets Day 2011 I am happy to be able to say that Tele2 stands strong:

  • We show excellent operational performance.
  • We have strong financial KPIs and best in class shareholder remuneration.

We are also a group that has a healthy mix of high growth markets and mature markets, and we are operating according to their respective characteristics.

We have a strong focus on mobility and are very data centric. Still, we are selective, guided by tough criteria, when it comes to for example entering new markets.

At the same time, a new reality requires us to evolve. De development has been rapid, and the industry transition has gone from fixed to mobile centric (first evolution) and mobile voice to data centric (second evolution). That requires our business model basics to change. Data access is our primary service and should be charged for as one.

I am confident that Tele2 will stand strong in this context. Going forward, our culture is what guides us forward and is a prerequisite for flexibility and future growth. We are performance driven and we are performing towards the Best Deal.