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Aug 7, 2012 9:09 AM CET

Reporting on a breach of Tele2’s Code of Conduct

Mobile phone operator Tele2 AB is currently conducting an internal investigation into accusations that an employee of Mobile Telecom Service (a company that is 51% owned by Tele2 AB) in the city of Aktau, Kazakhstan, received data concerning cellular operator Kcell’s market strategies through illegal means. A criminal case has been opened against that employee and Tele2 is co-operating fully with police enquiries.

As soon as the employee’s illegal activity was discovered, Tele2 Kazakhstan took immediate action and relieved the accused individual of his duties at the company.

Tele2 strongly condemns any illegal activities within its organization and will continue to work steadily to fulfill its corporate responsibility by ensuring that all its employees understand, follow and honor its Code of Conduct.