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Apr 10, 2013 9:43 PM CET

Tele2 conducted Sweden’s first Corporate Responsibility CMD in Stockholm 130409

Myntkabinettet in Stockholm, Sweden, served as the venue when Tele2 held its corporate responsibility capital markets day for the very first time.

The conference hall was nearly filled with stakeholders, from analysts, investors to NGOs and the media community – all eager to hear Tele2’s top management discuss the importance of providing enhanced transparency and maintaining stakeholder trust.


CEO Mats Granryd started the formal presentations by stating:

”Being  a responsible challenger means to us that we keep track of our impact and conduct business in a way that strives to maximize positive and minimize negative impact.”

He concluded his presentation by underlying that the telecom industry is a true facilitator when it comes to fighting climate change, minimising CO2 emissions and bridging the digital divide.

Group CFO Lars Nilsson elaborated on how the CR function serves as a filter in all decision making and all work process and emphasized that:

”Corporate responsibility should not be a surface, it should be a mindset for all our employees in Tele2’s entire footprint.”

Board member Lars Berg provided great insights when presenting a framework for decision making that identifies, quantifies and evaluates risk and rewards related to CR issues.


”Regardless of all clear guidelines and control systems, we have to be prepared that something might go wrong. Increased knowledge about what that might cost us – not just in terms of lost image but also in terms of lost business -  makes it more obvious what to do or where to invest to balance risk.”

Executive Vice President Central Europe and Eurasia Niklas Sonkin started the second session and gave a much appreciated and engaging talk around the business climate in Kazakhstan. He stressed the importance of building an organization and brand image that equals zero tolerance against fraud and corruption.


Jonas Lindström, Director Group Security, talked about the many layers of governance that protect Tele2 and provided the audience with a deep dive into how the whistle blower policy works in practice within the company.


Tele2‘s General Counsel Jonas Bengtsson presented the pragmatic approach the company takes when exploring, negotiating and procuring new licences.


Marie Baumgarts, Head of Corporate Responsibility, explained the key attributes of the new CR strategy and the process leading up to it. Before opening up for a dynamic Q & A, she concluded the formal presentations by emphasizing that Tele2 is honestly committed to CR and that great opportunities are yet to be realized.


”While the structure of the CR field is young and under development I think all of us jointly have the pleasure of taking it to the next level.”

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