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Jul 21, 2014 11:29 AM CET

Mobile Operators Present Initial “5G” Requirements

Frankfurt, Germany – 16th June, 2014

The NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Network) Alliance is already working on defining what the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards will be. During the NGMN Forum meeting in June, the initial consolidated operator requirements intended to support the standardisation and subsequent availability of 5G from 2020 onwards were presented.

As a member of the NGMN Alliance’s steering group, our CTO Joachim Horn is very much involved in the 5G global initiative. Through this effort, operators are setting expectations for technology performance and capabilities. The next crucial step will be to align all telecommunications and research partners in the establishment of 5G targets for the successful long-term future of our industry.

 “As one of the world’s leading 4G operators, Tele2 is very proud to actively participate in the definition of the next generation mobile technology. We believe it will be another great leap forward for the industry. 4G technology has made mobile broadband services highly sought after in our customer base. It is therefore important that 5G builds on that experience, to ensure that any future user data demand be met.”