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Our market sites

Sep 12, 2014 12:27 PM CET

Postponed ESG investor site visit to Almaty

The planned site visit to Almaty, Kazakhstan in October is postponed until mid-April 2015 (13-15 of April). Since another telecommunication company is having a site visit this autumn, we decided to have ours in spring instead. 

We welcome investors and owners with Environmental Social and Governance focus to this one and a half day in Almaty. We will offer a program both in the office, a visit to a store/site and hopefully we can invite Transparency International’s representative again. From Tele2 several representatives are scheduled to join, among others the board members Mia Brunell Livfors and Lars Berg.  

We hope that you would like to join us, and thereby receive a great insight in Tele2’s operations in Kazakhstan from a Corporate Responsibility perspective.  

Welcome to contact Marie Baumgarts or Angelica Gustafsson for more information, exact dates - including travel, and details. Email: marie.baumgarts@tele2.com, phone +46 70426 4458 or angelica.gustafsson@tele2.com, phone +46 704264142.