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Sep 18, 2009 12:28 PM CET

Discounter TELE2 Enters the Market of Tver Region

Today the Russian subdivision of TELE2, a leading European telecommunications company, announced the commercial launch of its cellular network in the Tver region. This way the company continues to expand its network coverage in Russia.
In December 2007, TELE2 - the 4th largest cellular operator in Russia in terms of subscriber numbers - was granted a license for communications services in 17 new regions, including the Tver region. The company has been preparing to become a new player in the region's cellular market for almost two years by building a high-quality network, assembling a team, establishing cooperation with partners and distributors, and carrying out an information campaign. On September 18, 2009, TELE2 officially entered the cellular market in the Tver region.
Dmitry Strashnov, TELE2 Russia CEO

- Despite the current economic instability, TELE2 continues investing in construction of new cellular networks all over Russia. Having opened its offices in 7 new regions in 2009, TELE2 now operates in a total of 25 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. While being a mobile discounter, we still offer high-quality communications covering a large part of the region's territory combined with a wide range of additional services and European-level customer service. At the same time, the competition that has become stronger since TELE2 entered the market stimulates a general decrease in prices and an improvement in service quality.
Starting from September 18, 2009, TELE2 services will be available to the residents of Tver, Bologoye, Vlasievo, Vyshny Volochek, Zapadnaya Dvina, Kimry, Izoplit, Kalashnikovo, Konakovo, Kuvshinovo, Likhoslavl, Mokshino, Nelidovo, Ostashkov, Radchenko, Rzhev, Redkino, Spirovo, Torzhok, Udomlya, Emmaus, Yuzhny (Kimry District), and Yamok. Before the end of the year, the network coverage will be considerably expanded to include Bezhetsk, Bely Gorodok, Kashin, Kalyazin, Staritsa, Toropets, Yuriev and other cities and towns.
Two tariff plans targeted to fit different subscriber needs are offered to the residents of the Tver region. The "Knockout" tariff has a very simple structure and will suit anyone who calls many different numbers in the Tver region. One second of outgoing calls costs 1 kopeck. Calls are charged on a per second basis starting from the first second. The price of outgoing SMS is 60 kopecks per message. There is no subscription fee. The "Vse Svoi" tariff plan, on the contrary, is more suitable for those making calls primarily to TELE2 mobile phones. Outgoing calls and SMS to TELE2 numbers in the Tver region cost just 3 kopecks per minute or per one message. Outgoing calls and messages to numbers of other mobile and fixed-line operators of the region cost 1 rouble per minute or per SMS. Calls are charged on a per second basis starting from the second minute, with no subscription or connection fee. Detailed information on tariff plans is available on the company's website and in information flyers.
Virtually all basic and additional services will be available to all subscribers right after the launch: SMS, MMS, WAP, GPRS/EDGE Internet, Caller ID and Caller ID Blocking, Voice Mail, "Active Zero", "Who Called", "Promised Payment" etc. The company also offers advantageous intra-network roaming conditions (including roaming at Krasnodar Territory's resorts) as well as affordable international roaming. An important note is that Tula immediately falls within the North-West reduced rate zone (Murmansk, Archangelsk, Komi, St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, and Veliky Novgorod) with no fee charged for incoming roaming calls inside the zone.
Setup packages will be sold through the company's own sales and service centres, dealer stores, and alternative sales channels such as mobile stands.
Pavel Antsiferov, TELE2 Tver Regional Managing Director
- TELE2 market approach lies in striving for the best price/quality ratio: we offer high-quality cellular services at affordable prices. That is why our subscribers come from among people of different age and social standing: from students to pensioners, from disadvantaged social groups to businessmen. Our services are targeted at everyone who would like to cut down their communication expenses.

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