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Business Development

These are the people who navigate our ship steadily through open water. It's thanks to their sharp eyes and business acumen that we are here today and unafraid of tomorrow.

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Engineering & Technology

Our engineers, technical professionals and product developers are at the very hub of our operations.

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Challenging cost is a strategic weapon that has helped us to change the industry.

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It would be easy to assume that a company with a go-get-it spirit like ours doesn't mind breaking a few rules. But the reality is quite the opposite.

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Marketing & Communication

There's a lot going on at Tele2, which means there's a lot going on for our Marketing & Communication people.

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Let's face it, successful companies are nearly always defined by their people – especially where customer and employee experiences go happily hand-in-hand.

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Looking for a challenge?

To our job openings


Looking for a challenge?

To our job openings


Looking for a challenge?

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It doesn't matter if you're working away at a big acquisition deal, or speaking to a consumer on the phone – a happy customer is always first base.

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Service & Support

Simplicity is central to our business, so support needs to run like a Swiss watch. Which it does.

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The guys and girls who work in our stores are at the absolute forefront of our consumer business.

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Students & Graduates

We look for trainees who can help us remain the challengers we always have been. Every day. That’s not easy. Which is why our trainee program is not for just anyone. To succeed, you need to think fast and move fast.

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